“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.”

— Socrates, father of Western philosophy

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“Stories of change and success”

Mr. Davies Matugon is from the Philippines and was born on September 6, 1956. He stopped pursuing his tertiary education when he was young due to a lack of finances and he has to focus more on providing for his family rather than on school.

Throughout his elementary and secondary years, Mr. Davies used to sell different goods such as guavas, onions, Philippine oranges, and avocados grown in their backyards in Batutuling. He was selling fruits and vegetables to his teachers and other people to help ease his parents’ financial burden in raising a family of ten. Every school day, Davies took a 14-kilometer back and forth journey, on foot, from their house in Batutuling to Big Margus to attend classes and sell their farm produce. On his way back to Batutuling after school hours, he had to carry coconut seedlings that he got from his Blaan uncles with coconut plantations and planted them during weekends. Hence, Davie can be considered a seasoned farmer as he had been planting this valuable crop since his childhood years.

As time went by and his family grew, providing became more difficult. From here he knew that something needs to change not just in his business but also within himself.

At the age of 59, he widened his perspective and proceeded to push his farming business to new heights. Now he owns a 66-hectare farm and he teaches farming strategies in his community.

“Education and Age, is not a barrier to success if one has the enduring spirit and unfaltering determination to reach the pinnacle of success.”

Mr. Davies Matugon